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Paraplegic Sporting Event


It all started in 2008, when we showed up on the field with a bag of balls, a couple of volunteers and had some fun playing soccer with a few kids with disabilities.

Ever since, we worked with our local soccer club to find ways for children with disabilities to play soccer while exploring ways to address the key barriers driving low activity levels and participation rates. Our original focus on program delivery expanded to include research, knowledge mobilization, volunteer development, academic pathways and social innovation. This led to the formation of the Centre with a widened scope and vision to support all organizations big and small, and all leaders to innovate and adapt programs so that ALL KIDS can play.

Imagine communities where there are a variety of sports and play programs for all kids regardless of ability.

Imagine a generation of champions armed with the vision that all kids with disabilities can and should play with the guidance to deliver on that vision.

Imagine the possibilities when research meets the creative power of innovation within the community.

Together we can create more accessible programs so all kids can have fun, make friends, get active and thrive through sports and play.

Kids Running


To support and mobilize the community to provide quality sport, recreation and play opportunities for kids with disabilities. 


ALL KIDS, regardless of ability or disability have opportunities to have fun and make friends through sport and play. 


We believe all kids can benefit from play.

We believe that all organizations should provide accessible opportunities to play.

We believe young leaders can make a big impact with guidance. 

Meet The Team
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